Splendor LT-800 Series

This Premium headset comes with everything you love! Stylish and comfortable, making this the perfect headset for executives with extensive use.


Luxurious Comfort
Foam ear cushions which can reduce ear pressure and create a comfortable experience. Adjustable headband and microphone boom to provide great flexibility.

High Reliability
Metal parts are used in key parts to maximize durability. Use tensile fiber cable to ensure the long life span of the headset.

Built with AI Noise Cancelling
LT805 series dual microphone array with precise positioning. Use advanced near-end talk ENC and far-end talk SVC wideband built with AI Noise Cancellation technology which can reduce up to 99% (maximum 40dB) noise.

Superior HD Sound Quality
Wideband technology speakers let you have lifelike, vibrant conversations and reduced listening fatigue.

Hearing Protection
Unique Hearing protection technology instantly removes any harmful loud sounds, which keeps the sound level in the safe range and protects users’ hearing.

Multiple Connecting Options
Supports USB-A/USB-C/3.5mm/QD / RJ9 Connections.

The Splendor LT800 series headsets are all-new generation of professional headsets for high end contact center and office use. The ergonomic and lightweight design makes it comfortable enough for long conference calls and all day use. The outstanding noise-cancellation technology, long-term reliability can meet different using scenarios.


Additional information

Connector Type

RJ9 / QD / 3.5mm / 3.5mm USB Type-C / USB-A / 3.5mm USB-A

Speaker Size


Speaker Max Input Power


Speaker Sensitivity


Speaker Frequency Range

100Hz ~ 6.8KHz

Microphone Sensitivity


Microphone Directionality

Noise Cancelling Cardioid / ENC Omni-Directional

Hearing Protection

118dBA SPL

Headband/Ear Cushion


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